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Our Jiu-Jitsu team competed at the 2010 Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships on June 26th and 27th. It was a great weekend with tremendous effort and heart shown by all of our competitors!!

Notable performances:

Gold Medals:  Alex Hanchett, Dan Krpata, Kirk Collins, Marcus Hermosillo, Cameron Ferraz, Tyler Blau, Collin Zinn

Silver Medals:  Danny Krpata, Daylen Blau, Marcus I. Hermosillo, Lars Anderson, Bob Von Burg

Bronze Medals:  Erik Anderson, Carmen Tripodi, Carlos Contreras, Sergei Klokov, Matt Cappellini, Josh Rodriguez, Jeff Morgan

Tournament Video Highlights


Competition Updates
The 10th Arizona Grappling Challenge took place in Mesa,AZ on October 6th. The event was sponsored by SOYO, Rage N’ Glory, XO2 Fight Gear, OTM Fight Shop, Knockout Graphics, Custom T-shirt Warehouse, Alicia photos.com and AZ Combat Sports. The event had competitors coming from California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

Our kids and adult teams did great bringing home 1st and 3rd place trophies respectively.

Individual Results:
Alexander Poole - Gold Medal Kids Feather weight
Samuel Decker - Gold Medal Kids Light weight
Kevin Heitmann - Silver Medal Kids Light weight
Isreal Torres - Bronze Medal Kids Middle weight
Jim McKinney - Bronze Medal Kids Middle weight
John Bruer - Gold Medal Kids Heavy weight; Bronze Medal Jr Teen Light weight
Aster Despain - Silver Medal Jr Teen Rooster weight
Jordan Decker - Gold Medal Teen Light weight
Kyle Heitmann - Bronze Medal Teen Light weight
Collin Zinn - Silver Medal Teen Middle Heavy weight
Alex Hanchett - Gold Medal Master Intermediate Middle weight
Dan Krpata - Gold Medal Adult Beginner Heavy weight
David Blau - Silver Medal Adult Advanced Unlimited weight


1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS – 72 points

2nd place – ECS – 37 points

 3rd place – ISMA – 24 points


1st place – ISMA – 50 points
2nd place – Megaton – 36 points
3rd place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS – 33 points

Congratulations to the following students who competed at the Grand Canyon State Games last month:

                                        FORMS:                     SPARRING:
Jake Edmundson                 Silver                            Gold
Jessie Edmundson               Bronze                          Gold
Kaden Stones                     Gold                             Bronze
Lauren Wilder                     Silver
Sara Wilder                         Silver

2nd ISMA Children’s Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Tournament

The second ISMA Children’s in house Brazilian Ju-Jitsu tournament will be held on Saturday, April 29th at 11:00 AM.  Specator admission is FREE.  This tournament is for the members of our school and it provides a wonderful opportunity to test your grappling skills in a friendly competition.  This will also be a great opportunity to learn the rules and procedures of a Ju-Jitsu tournament.  All competitors must register by Friday, April 21st.


March Promotions

We would like to congratulate all of the students who successfully tested and promoted in March.

High White Belts
Alex Volpentest
Fred Whitson
Jack Whitson

Orange Belts
Breanna Blakeney
Joey Mulligan

Yellow Belts
Jamison Morrow

Green Belts
Kevin Heitmann

Blue Belts
Isabella Vento

April’s promotion testing date is Saturday, April 22nd.  Children’s testing  will begin at 1:00 PM and adult testing will start around 2:00 PM. 

Remember that testing is a great time for friends and family members to come watch how much you have learned!!

Basic Korean Terminology

The martial arts Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Hwarangdo all have their origins in the Korean peninsula.  To honor the lineage and traditions of the country that our martial art comes from, we frequently use Korean terminology in classes.  Here are some of the basic terms for you to study and learn:


One       (1)               Ha Na
Two       (2)               Dool
Three     (3)               Set
Four       (4)              Net
Five       (5)               Dah Sut
Six         (6)               Yah Sut
Seven     (7)               Ill Gup
Eight       (8)              Yoh Dol
Nine       (9)              Ah Ho
Ten        (10)             Yool


Attention                    Cha Ryuht
Bow                           Kyung Nae
Ready                        Choon Bee
Stop                           Go Mahn
Switch                        Bah Kwah

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